The Rolling Fix's 3 tips before L'Étape

We have seen our fair share of Grand Fondo's both from the mechanical and rider side. There are some common mistakes and items that are overlooked. These are our top three things to consider before your big ride.

1. Servicing

You've no doubt spent countless hours training your body and mind to ensure you are in tip-top shape. Have you made sure your bike is in the same shape? We recommend our General Service to give you peace of mind that your brakes and gears are as safe and as smooth as possible. There are some massive descents on the course and too often we have seen people wear through their brake pads and start to chew through their rims. There is also the added benefit of wattage/energy savings with a clean drivetrain.


2. Gear ratios

With the extra benefit of high altitude, many people felt it was like pushing through concrete on the last 30kms into Perisher. There is still time to fit a compact crankset or larger cassette, so those moments don’t leave you wishing for a few extra gears. Each bike is unique in it's set up. So give us a call on 0478 518 005 if you would like some advice on this?


3. Travelling with your bike

  • If you are going to lay the bike down in the car, make sure you lay the bike driveside facing up to avoid bending your derailleur hanger.
  • If you have hyrdo disc brakes and are removing the wheels, ensure that you either place blocks in between the pads or take extra special care not to squeeze the levers. As it will push the pistons and can lead to brake rub (which is the last thing you want on a long ride).
  • If you do take your wheels off, make sure when re-installing them they are seated correctly in the dropouts. If not correctly seated it can cause brake rub and rear gears to skip/slip.


Enjoy the ride this year, and let us know if we can help with anything before the day?


The Rolling Fix L'Etape support
Thomas Treloar