2020 Bosch E-Bike

In the last 48 hours, Bosch has mad some significant upgrades to its product line. Upgrades that send a strong message to the industry that they want to be leaders and that will benefit the end user dramatically.

As normal it can be a little confusing as a non-bicycle person to understand what's actually new. However, what I like about this release is that it brings the industry closer and closer to a product where "it just works." Cars went through this period. Air con used to be a feature whereas now it is normal.

Some of the new releases include integrated batteries, smaller more powerful motors and other features we are familiar with such as ABS braking.

It is really important for any industry to have companies that push the boundaries that don't make a complete product. What I mean is that Bosch doesn't make bikes, they make parts for bikes. This allows bike makers to focus on the bike part :D

My 3 favourite features of the release:

  1. All the motors are now silent, one step closer to forgetting you are on an ebike!

  2. Cargo specific motors. Opens the door wider for the last mile deliveries.

  3. ABS braking. I see the best use for this on commuter and cargo bikes.

This is a great video summarising the new products by Electric Bike Review