Our custom Butchers and Bicycle Cargo Trike

3 years ago we bought this Butchers and Bicycle cargo bike. At 11k almost everyone thinks it is ridiculous. I get it, our VW Caddy van only cost 10k and can do so much more.

The model we have is designed for kids. We stripped out the seats and custom built the workbench. All tools and parts fit in the box. We use it for activations or existing customers where we know what parts are on their bike and their history.

It's powered by a Bosch performance motor and can get us up nearly every hill in Sydney. Only about 12km range on turbo. This is due to the weight of about 180kg inc rider.

It always brings a smile to my face riding it and has been photographed countless times, especially by tourists. I feel like I'm contributing to the culture of the city by being out there and involved.

Thomas Treloar