General Motors now doing eBikes under Ariv - a paradigm shift for the bikes

General Motors has launched two E-Bikes under the brand of Ariv. This is a big step forward for the bicycle industry, a paradigm shift in many ways.

Up until now, there has only been talk of vehicles companies doing bikes and the odd concept bike here and there.

The bikes are great. Their own drive unit, inbuilt lights, a folding design (for one of them), internal gears and hydraulic brakes. On top of that, it looks cool, which is important. The most exciting part is that it sends a strong message to all forms of transport that ebikes play a part in our future. GM is a massive company, every move is considered.

As a result, the marketing and message are done so well, plus the budgets are big. Check out their video, it's the quality of a car commercial!

I also think about the power of such a company when it comes to infrastructure and advocacy for bicycles. Potential for real change.

GM also has a goal of zero congestion, emissions and crashes. Its good news for humans.

Currently only available in Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. If anyone lives there, would love a first-hand test ride report Their hashtag is decent too, not afraid to challenge the norm: #changeyourperspective

Thomas Treloar