Humans on eBikes Ep 1. Mark Ames - Connect Macquarie Park

Humans on eBikes Ep 1 Mark Ames from Connect Macquarie Park & North Ryde Mark Ames is General Manager of Connect Macquarie Park which is a transport management association whose objective is to keep the area moving as it grows.

We supplied the eBikes and he chose the route along Shrimpton's creek. Some days he parks his car about 3kms away and rides his fold-up bike along the creek.

The most congestion seen on the creek path was once a big lizard enjoying the sun and refusing to move.

They have seen 60% growth in the people studying, working and living in the park over the last 10 years. Part of that is 12000 workers in the last 3 years. Mark says there is no silver bullet and you bust the transport challenges by changing behaviour across all of the modes.

Currently, they have the new Metro, on demands buses, a good bike path network and car parking.

The bikes were ORBEA Katu with Bosch mid-drive motors.

Thomas Treloar