Benefits to the building from quarterly servicing:

  • Bicycle servcing counts towards Green Star/building rating
  • Great value add to building facilities, servicing is an increasingly necessary component of a good EOTF.

  • Studies show $2.3 - $10.1 ROI for every $1 spent on Health + Wellbeing initiatives

  • Increases the performance and reduces the cost of employees for businesses, healthy workers are more productive workers

  • Promotes cycling and healthy living within the building

  • The full booking process and all communications managed by The Rolling Fix, eliminating the need for building staff to be unnecessarily engaged

  • Regular servicing ensures the safety of the cyclist’s bicycles on their commute to work

  • Reduced parking and congestion as a result of increased cycling

Benefits to the cyclist:

  • Convenient alternative to traditional bicycle shops

  • Servicing conducted at their office, eliminating the need to go off-site to take their bicycle to a shop

  • Complete mobile workshop with all necessary replacement/spare parts ensuring that all service are conducted same day.

  • Powerful customer management system ensuring a relationship is built between the cyclist and The Rolling Fix

  • Individual follow up communication with cyclists after service

  • Regular servicing ensures that bicycles are operating as safe and efficient as possible. Not only making their commute more enjoyable, but also more cost effective

  • All cyclist details, riding data and service history are recorded to ensure future servicing is simple, cost effective and timely

  • No additional $20 Call Out Fee for cyclists if individual services are needed